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sportBELT Diagram & FeaturesWhat is the sportBELT?

The sportBELT Back Support Belt is designed to reduce lower back muscle stress and fatigue from participating in a wide range of activities. The unique design provides full freedom of movement and does not restrict breathing for highly aerobic activities. It supports your lower back muscles and reduces stress and fatigue from sporting, hobby and work related activities.

The sportBELT is the only product of its kind that provides you with support while being comfortable enough to wear for hours. It’s so comfortable that you may forget it’s on. That’s because of its unique design. The sportBELT is anatomically designed to conform specifically to the different body contours of men and women. This design ensures full freedom of movement, no matter what type of activity. Since the sportBELT minimizes abdominal pressure, your breathing is unaffected.

All of these features combine to reduce fatigue, increase comfort and improve endurance. The sportBELT Back Support Belt lets you play longer and harder, whether the activity is highly intensive aerobic or simply involving extended periods in uncomfortable positions.

Why Use the sportBELT?

Why not? The one area of our body that most of us fail to strengthen is our trunk section. We all should be doing crunches, back extensions, Yoga or Pilates to keep our trunk sections tight and strong. Unfortunately, time is not always on our side. So, if you want to play harder and longer without the sore back that follows, wear the sportBELT Back Support Belt.

For What Activities can I use the sportBELT?

Well, the list is longer than we have space on this page. Visit the section of our site dedicated to sportBELT Uses and see for yourself. Suffice it to say whether the activity is work or play, a highly mobile or even a static activity that fatigues the lower back muscles, the sportBELT will satisfy your needs. Our list of happy customers keeps finding more uses for the sportBELT every day. Most sportBELT owners do use it for both work and play. Even desk jockeys use the sportBELT. Why is that? Well, sitting is the worst thing we can do for our back and our jobs have become ever more sedentary. A very large percentage of workers spend eight hours a day or more in front of a computer. Adding a simple Back Support Belt can greatly improve the work day.

Sightings in Famous Places

Yes, our Back Support Belt has been seen in some famous places, like the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan. US Alpine skiers wore the sportBELT. After the games the sports medicine doctors were so happy with the performance of the sportBELT that they ordered a bunch more.


The sportBELT has had some great magazine reviews from Skiing, Mountain Bike Action, Bowhunting World and referenced in Backpacker magazine. You can read them for yourself on the Review Page.

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