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Bowhunting World

Recommended by Bowhunting World, August 2000

“Many, if not most, bowhunters would find long treestand sits to be less fatiguing and more pleasant if they wore a back support belt. We did and were amazed. Benefits include the ability to stay motionless and hang in there longer and thus be more successful. We tested the sportBELT from innoVATiV sports products and found it to be a fine support belt model – lightweight, comfortable, and anatomically designed.”


Backpacker Magazine

Referenced in Backpacker Magazine, August 1999

“According to Peter Slabaugh, M.D., “back support belts can indeed help shore up a backpacker’s pain-prone spine. There are a number of these belts on the market. The sportBELT by innoVATIV sports products is one.”


Skiing Magazine

Recommended by Skiing Magazine, Dec. 1998

“Imagine a pair of hands gently clasping your lower back while you ski. That’s essentially what it feels like wearing the sportBELT. Each time I skied, snowshowed, mountain biked, or skiboarded in it, the sportBELT not only provided lower-back support but also significantly reduced fatigue. The sportBELT is more functional than any traditional neoprene brace I’ve previously tried.” – Brian Metzler


Mountain Bike Action

Recommended by Mountain Bike Action, March 1998

“The MBA test crew recommends the sportBELT to anyone who experiences lower back discomfort after a ride, especially downhillers. The effect of the sportBELT was as if it added power and endurance to our abdominal muscles.”


Recommended by, July 1998

“Test Corps verdict? We’ve ridden with the sportBELT for the last several weeks and can testify that it does help prevent fatigue, particularly over long and rough rides. A side benefit is that it protects the kidney region in a crash. Most testers felt that the sportBELT’s target audiences are endurance riders and the hyper-technical guys. If you groove on looooooooong rides and rough terrain, the sportBELT can keep you rolling longer.”


There are many uses for sportBELT, like winter sports, water sports, biking, and gardening. It's also great for daily support! Explore Uses.


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