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Q: How do I wear the sportBELT?

A: Center the sportBELT in the small or lumbar area of your back. The two vertical support stays should be positioned one on each side of your spine. The top edge on the front of the sportBELT should rest just below your navel.

Q: How do I adjust the sportBELT?

A: Unhook double pull tension straps on each side and leave them unattached. Center belt in the small of the lower back. The two center support stays should be positioned one on each side of your spine. Grasp each end of belt and lightly stretch belt straight out to the side. While belt is stretched, wrap around your waist and attach the front hook and loop closure. The front of the belt should be worn just under the navel. At this point be sure main body of belt is not too tight. Grasp and stretch double pull tension straps on each side of belt to desired amount of tension and attach to Velcro® receiving material.

Q: Will the sportBELT affect my freedom of movement?

A: No. The Anatomical design and unique support system provide full freedom of movement. The sportBELT rests low on your abdomen and is narrow in the front, so that when bending or flexing the belt does not limit your movement or ride up your back. The contour of the belt follows the natural contours of your body and the material flexes when you move.

Q: Will the sportBELT affect my breathing?

A: No. The sportBELT was desiged for aerobic sports. The front of the belt is only 3 inches wide and when worn correctly rests very low on your abdomen (below your navel). The sportBELT puts very minimal pressure on your abdomen and will not affect your breathing.

Q: What materials are used in the manufacture of the sportBELT?

A: The sportBELT is manufactured from the finest quality materials. There is a diagram under “Help & Support” that illustrates the many unique features found in every sportBELT which insure the wearer hours of unsurpassed service and durability. These features include: soft, comfortable front panels, surgical elastic back and tension straps for superior compression, double hook front closure, Velcro pile reinforcement, and a vented elastic back for air flow.

Q: Does the sportBELT breathe well?

A: Yes. The sportBELT is made of high quality medical grade elastic and other high tech materials that make the sportBELT Lightweight, Breathable, and Extremely Comfortable.

Q: Will wearing the sportBELT for extended periods affect my muscle strength?

A: Only if you you wear the belt 7×24. You are still using your muscles when you are wearing the sportBELT. The sportBELT is providing that extra support for when your muslces reach a very fatigued level. It is very important to always do core or trunk muscle strengthening exercises such as crunches, back extensions, Yoga or Pilates. As long as you are not totally sedentary and continue to exercise, the sportBELT will not affect your muscle strength.

Q: Can I purchase the sportBELT in any retail outlets?

A: The sportBELT is currently not for sale in any retail outlets.


There are many uses for sportBELT, like winter sports, water sports, biking, and gardening. It's also great for daily support! Explore Uses.


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