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Wraptor Chainstay Protector from innoVATiV sports productsFinally, an intelligent solution to an old problem, actually two problems: chain slap and chain suck. Yes, we know that chainstay protectors are not exciting high tech devices, but they are more necessary today than ever. Chain slap is merely a nuisance, but chain suck can be extremely damaging to your high zoot scoot made of lightweight aluminum, titanium, chrome moly or composites.

The Wraptor from innoVATiV sports products is made of black polyethylene that is UV-resistant, oil-resistant, and strong enough to protect your chainstay from serious chain suck. And it looks cool too.

Wraptor chainstay protector features:

  • Fits all types of chainstays
  • UV and oil resistant
  • Simple to install
  • Silences chain slap
  • Won’t rot like neoprene protectors
  • Won’t retain water like neoprene protectors
  • Protects agains chain suck
  • Natural spring tension of material holds Wraptor on chainstay
  • Outlasts other types of chainstay protectors

The Wraptor is used by Team GT, Kona, Cannondale, Jamis, and Trek and received a five star rating from

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