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Uses for Work

Construction Work

Working construction is an extremely tough job. There is obviously lots of lifting involved, which means stress on the lower back. Wearing the sportBELT Back Support Belt will make the workday much more enjoyable.


Working manufacturing means you’re standing most of the day. This constant pressure on your back is not good, and can make your job painful on the back. Wearing the spotBELT Back Support Belt will make long days of standing much easier.


Carpentry naturally involves a lot of bending and lifting, a bad combination when it comes to your back. Give your back some support, you owe it to yourself AND your back.


Long hours in seated positions causes stress and fatigue on the lower back muscles. The sportBELT Back Support Belt offers improved posture and reduced stress on the lower back muscles.


Roofing a house requires lots of bending over, meaning stress on your back. For a long day on the roof, the sportBELT Back Support Belt can work wonders.


That floor is very low to the ground, in fact, it is the ground. Bending over constantly to lay down the flooring does a number on your back. Be nice to your back and give it some support with the sportBELT Back Support Belt.


There are many uses for sportBELT, like winter sports, water sports, biking, and gardening. It's also great for daily support! Explore Uses.


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