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Uses for Winter Sports

Cross Country Skiing

Whether skate or stride skiing the sportBELT Back Support Belt provides support for those very important trunk muscles. We all know that during the early season these muscles are always weak. Once those muscles are finally in shape the sportBELT helps you to go the extra distance by reducing fatigue and enhancing your performance when racing.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing can be brutal to the lower back, especially if you ski the bumps. OK, not everyone can ski the bumps. The sportBELT Back Support Belt works great whether you are hard charging or the recreational skier out to enjoy every day of your ski vacation. Get out and have fun and enjoy the night life too without suffering from a sore back.


What is it about snowshoeing that fatigues the lower back muscles and gives you the sore back so quickly? Again, we just do not realize how important those trunk muscles are. If we do not keep them nice and strong, and most of us don’t, as soon as we get out for one of our favorite activities that requires core strength we get that nagging sore back. Wrap on the sportBELT and go that extra mile or two.

Snowmobile Riding and Racing

The sportBELT Back Support Belt makes all the poorly designed kidney belts look and feel like girdles. The sportBELT Back Support Belt provides you with support and flexibility, while not affecting your breathing or digging into your ribs or hip bones when seated. The sportBELT Back Support Belt has been designed to fit women comfortably unlike any of the kidney belts on the market.


Balancing on those stainless steel blades for hours requires excellent trunk muscles. Add to that swinging at a tiny little rubber cylinder among other things, and the lower back muscles can really be crying for help. For the goalie that has to sit in one little area, hunched over the goal, protecting that special piece of ice, the sportBELT Back Support Belt can be a life saver as well as a game saver. The sportBELT Back Support Belt will keep you stronger longer.


There are many uses for sportBELT, like winter sports, water sports, biking, and gardening. It's also great for daily support! Explore Uses.


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